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In 2021, in the BGLAP region

medical-team (1).png

the share of health jobs in GP services was 1.6x the state average


over a quarter of health jobs were in Residential Care, 1.5x the state average


the share of child carers was 1.6x the state average

In 2021, in the BGLAP region


the share of creative jobs in Textiles was 5.7x the state average


the share of creative jobs in Libraries and Newspaper Publishing were both more than 3x the state average


the share of creative workers in Electronics & Telecom. trade roles was x6.5 the state average

In 2021, in the BGLAP region

animal-feed (1).png

the share of agribusiness jobs in Prepared Animal and Bird Feed Manufacturing was 9x the state average

vegetable (1).png

the largest industry for jobs - Vegetable Growing (outdoors) was >2x the state average


the share of agribusiness workers in Farm worker (livestock and crops) roles was 1.5 the state average

The Mount Barker region 

strawberry (2).png

had >4 times the share of agriculture jobs in strawberry growing compared to the state average in 2021. It also generated >50% of the state's strawberry production in 2021

brussels (1).png

generated almost 20% of the state's production of other vegetables in 2021

greenhouse (1).png

supported 10% or more of the state's nursery production in 2021

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